It feels so good to finally be sharing with you. It has been a labour of love putting together this site over the last few months and with that a new range of hats!

I work in collaboration with a truly amazing team of passionate and skilled milliners here in New Zealand, who put a lot of love and care into the craft of each hat. Our focus is to create beautiful, ethically made product, using the finest fibres and textiles, ensuring quality and longevity. More about our millinery story can be read here. Some of my most important brand values are to recognise and support traditional craftsmanship and local industry, favouring natural and sustainable textiles, and continually reducing any environmental impact. 

Each hat I design is tailored to fit effortlessly into the life of the wearer and to be a unique accession to their personal style, the finishing touch. 

I’m beyond grateful to everyone who has supported the brand on its journey so far, I have some really special and talented people around me who have helped bring this vision to life, I can’t thank them and also you enough.

I hope you enjoy the new site!


R x

Kirsty Dawn