our hats



Our Panama Straw Hats are crafted from authentic Ecuadorian toquilla straw, which is sourced from toquilla trees (like a palm tree), native to South America. Coastal farmers cultivate the trees and harvest the stems. The palm cuttings are shredded down to fine straw fibers, cleaned and sun-dried, then skilled weavers in Ecuador carefully hand weave the straw into a traditional herringbone pattern, in the form of a Panama hood. The shaped Panama hoods are then sent from Ecuador to our milliners here in New Zealand, who then hand block, shape and trim each one into our final design. We favoUr Panama straw because it is breathable, lightweight and provides natural UV protection.  


Our wool hoods are produced in Portugal. The wool is spun from a beautiful fine merino - known for its natural, soft and breathable qualities. The merino is condensed and pressed together, then dyed and stiffened to form a felt hood. The felt hoods are then sent to our milliners here in New Zealand, who block, finish and trim each hood into the final shape. We use wool due to its natural insulating qualities, and breathable nature. Wool fibers produce warmth, which is preferable in cooler temperatures, however the lightness of our merino allows wool felt to be worn comfortably year-round. 

All Rebe Hats are ethically produced from start to finish.